Artist: Book Of Shame / Title: Damned “Channels the enigmatic and artistic natures of musicians like David Bowie and Talking Heads, and mixes it with an unapologetic fringe-punk sound reminiscent of The Velvet Underground.”

“Channels the enigmatic and artistic natures of musicians like David Bowie and Talking Heads, and mixes it with an unapologetic fringe-punk sound reminiscent of The Velvet Underground.” - STEREO STICKMAN 

"Book of Shame I have to say have produced an amazing new track!" - PHACE MAGAZINE

"spacey, untethered rock music with a defiant, ethereal aesthetic.” - ROCK THE PIGEON

"Book of Shame turn things up to eleven with their blistering second single, Killing Pickle” - THE PUNK SITE


Artist: Book Of Shame

Title: Damned

Label: Book Of Shame /

Format: Digital Single / Release Date: 31/03/19

GENRE: Indie/Post-Rock/Alt/Punk







Twitter  @BookofShame1 

Instagram   book_ofshame


Vocals Pete Boyd

Bass Guitar Gary Bridgewood

Guitars Pete Boyd

Drums Fergus Gerrand

Produced by Rico Conning

Book of Shame go gospel on their 3rd release Damned taken from their forthcoming album.

Damned is the feeling when you thought things couldn’t get worse.., then they do. It’s a bitter sweet message of hope for all those shafted by the twists and turns of fate…wandering ghosts in a graveyard of dreams.


"I wrote the words to this song after I lost several family members and friends over a two year period’ it was a difficult and painful time dealing with wave after wave of grief and the overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t go on. I found that writing, singing and creating music to be a great healer and it was really how I got in to creating music. -  Peter Boyd

This song celebrates the struggle of triumph over adversity, about going to hell and making it back with a few scars. Half way through recording, a Gospel choir kept springing to mind and as you can hear in the track that lent a transcendent quality to the message.

The Gospel choir are made up of a Shakespearean actor Joanna Foster, Mama Mia 2 singer/actor  Eve Polycarpou and Eurovision’s finest Stephen D Fletcher ex Bardo ‘one step further’.


Book of Shame is Pete Boyd Maclean (Award-winning video director and co-creator of New Orders ‘Blue Monday’ amongst others) and Gary Bridgewood (Multi-Instrumentalist who has toured the world with acts like The Real Tuesday Weld, Michelle Stodart (Magic Numbers) and the Paul Weller backed Troubadour Rose).  Their music has a shifting and unique sound - fusing rock, pop, indie, punk.  Think Wire, Bowie, Tindersticks, Talking Heads.

In 2019 The Book of Shame release their self-titled debut album, It was recorded at the Gun Factor and produced by Rico Conning (The Lines, Wire Depeche Mode, William Orbit), guests include Fergus Gerrand (Duran Duran, Sting, Madonna, The Spice Girls, Sting, Katie Melua), Claire Nicholson (Kula Shaker, The Alabama 3), BJ Cole (Brian Eno, KD Lang, Sting).

When Peter took an old violin to a local repair shop he didn’t expect his life to be changed forever. but that’s exactly what happened. The violin restorer was none other than Gary, multi-instrumentalist, inspirationalist and a rationalist with an iron fist. This chance encounter led to a collaboration that has resulted in an album, a band, a lifestyle and poverty for two men who should know better.

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When Pete Boyd took an old violin to a local repair shop he didn’t expect his life to be changed forever. but that’s exactly what happened. The violin restorer was none other than Gary Bridgewood Legendary multi instrumentalist , inspirationalist,  and a rationalist with an iron fist. This chance encounter led to a collaboration that has resulted in an album, a band, a lifestyle and poverty for two men who should know better.

 ‘One minute I was planning on learning the violin the next minute I’m in the studio recording an outpouring of emotions in the form of vocals and general guitar stram. Well it didn’t take minutes more like two years of cajoling and nurturing like a modern day My Fair Lady but with geezers.’ (Peter Boyd)

Peter remembered an old friend he knew when he was 17, and thought he’d send him a demo of a track. The old friend was Rico Conning legendary frontman of The Lines and producer/engineer/mixer of legendary 80’s artists like Adam Ant, Depeche Mode, Wire, Renegade Soundwave, Swans and Laibach.

‘Rico would perform his magic on a track and send it back to us, and it sounded like a proper song, so this inspired us to do more and then the tunes just kept flowing. We found that people in the music community really come together to help each other out and Gary pulled in his wife Jo who not only sings with an incredible range can also make a fantastic veggy curry and keep Gary in line with his beats. I never did learn the violin but I don’t regret walking into that shop.’ (Peter Boyd)

Peter and Gary thought it would be good to have a pedal steel guitar on a track and they went up to Leytonstone to se BJ Cole play with a friend of Gary’s. Gary asked if he would play on a song and to our surprise he said yes and came up with a beautiful and haunting piece for a song called ‘Drifting’.

‘Drifting was a song I wrote after a great friend of many years had a catastrophic brain haemorrhage, I visited him in hospital, he was in a coma and it was touch and go that he would come through. I went home and wrote the song that afternoon’

Peter has similar stories about all of the forthcoming material on the album, which has obviously been meticulously put together, and is close to both Peter and Gary’s hearts.

For example of the track ‘Let Me Go’ Peter says this:

“There was a point in my life several years after my older  brother suddenly and tragically died of a heart attack at 28. I had this dream that I drove up to prison gates in a limo, I was visiting  him there. I walked into what seemed like a locker room and he was sitting hunched over as if putting his shoes on, he turned to look at me and his face was grey and skin was drawn,  it was like looking at the living dead, he looked like he was trapped and couldn’t move on until I let him go. I realized from that dream that it was me in a prison of grief and I had to let him go in order to move on with my life."

Pete Boyd  is a Video artist and pioneer of the 80’s Scratch Video movement. As one half of  The Duvet Brothers creators of groundbreaking scratch videos for New Order’s Blue Monday and MAARS Pump up the Volume. They performed live video installations for Sigue Sigue Sputnik at The Albert Hall and for scenes in the The Hollywood movie Less Than Zero starring Robert Downey Jnr. The Duvet Bros hand held wobbly camera techniques and jump cut editing style influenced television adverts and cinema throughout the 90’s.

Gary Bridgewood (guitar, bass, keyboard, mandolin, violin, cello, backing vocals) Gary has been in and out of bands his whole life, starting with early looping experiments using a an old Grundig (this one has real meaning, Gary’s military dentist had exactly the same machine which he would play brass band military music on as he started his butchering) reel to reel recorder and a Team reel to reel. Playing in various bands in London as a student Gary was headhunted by 1000 Mexicans, they had had good success with an Indie no.1 album and wanted to cross over into pop, Gary toured and worked tirelessly to help move the Mexicans from Virgin to Island records only for their lead singer to pull out on the day of signing! One of Gary’s many passions is Klezmer and East European music, he plays fiddle in Beskydy, who have toured Europe, played at Womad and London’s famous Purcell Rooms amongst others. He has toured globally with The Real Tuesday Weld, Michelle Stodart (Magic Numbers) and was a founding member of Troubadour Rose, a trio formed in 2009. Paul Weller offered his studio, The Black Barn, for Troubadour Rose to record their album in as he liked them so much.

New Video (Electronica) : Artist: D.In.Ge.Cc.O. / Title: Birthday will exist 4 ever

Birthday will exist 4 ever

GENRE: Electronica

LABEL: imusician_digital

RELEASE DATE: 20/05/19 (Album)










'Birthday will exist 4 ever’ is the first track from the forthcoming album ‘G’ by , released 20th May 2019.

G represents a return to the future through the present and the past of electronic music, of a genre that sees in house and techno its primary anchor but that ranges through the atmospheres of the 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

G is a work full of surprises. Experiments, revisitations, contaminations, citations and futuristic, vintage, solemn and easy-going atmospheres. Electronic music is a pretext to explore endless creative possibilities and give us an expressive universe capable of evoking a fascinating and complex world where emotions transport us out of time and space while remaining anchored to our world, to our habits and to the life of everyday. Interstellar journeys and synthetic atmospheres blend with very earthy situations, with noises and sounds of everyday life in the Western world, modern sounds and of other times,  mixing the beat of house and techno music with chamber music or with the familiar sounds and voices of a birthday party or the voices of  kids or the sounds of a station and a departing train. We speak English Polish, German, Japanese in a futuristic melting pop where the word is thin but rich in meaning, a world that nevertheless remains suspended in a timeless but at the same time very contemporary dimension. We speak precisely (we do not sing) about love, philosophy, departures and returns, the cosmos and nature, aesthetics and changes and the power of dreams.

G is a complex album, sometimes difficult to listen to in the rhythms and arid and synthetic sounds that often distinguish it, but it is also a joyful and piano record of poignant hope in the melodies and dreamy harmonies that characterize almost all the songs. A truly fascinating mixture that marks an impetus towards the future of electronic music, but with great anchorage to a recent past that has seen too quickly the advent of genres and classifications.

Monelise - Wild Roses

The single ‘Wild Roses’ is the first release from Monelise’s ‘Hauntology’ Album. Directed by Jake Hargreaves, the video is shot amoungst the gothic scenery of Glen Coe, Scotland. Drifting between analogue imagery and cinematic landscapes, the song is reminicent of the work of The National and Portishead. Having lived in Scotland for half a decade, Monelise quotes poet Robin Robertson with the video’s opening quote.

Monelise has upcoming dates in: Padova 24th March Vienna - 7th April Debrecen - 10th April

Monelise is an artist in whose haunting compositions moving poetic lyrics are situated in lush cinematic soundscapes. Her music blurs the boundaries between acoustic and electronic instrumentation; hauntological longing and euphoria. With songs that are often described as sounding like 'A Kate Bush soundtrack to a David Lynch film', she makes the sublime and the uncanny collide in a startling way.

I’m excited to release “Wild Roses” as the first single from my upcoming debut album, “Hauntology”, the material for which was conceived during my Masters year at Goldsmiths. The musical palette blends past and present inspirations, including Kate Bush and classic trip hop; whereas the lyrics are inspired by a Scottish poetry anthology exploring the visceral and gothic features of nature. The song is an invitation to come face to face with the different components that make up the tapestry of you as a person and artist. The video, accordingly, depicts me “finding myself” somewhere between the ghosts of the past and a glimmering vision of a future yet to unfold.

FVLCRVM Releases New Track 'LOOSE' (Universal Music)


INFO:FVLCRVM’s “Hi!” to the world as an extraordinary songwriter & vocalist came as a little surprise to everyone who was solely familiar with his work as a producer & DJ. Picked by Spotify as number 1 for their renowned “Fresh Finds” Playlist, his first release ’Notch' went viral and was soon featured by BBC Radio 6. This gained the Bratislava based artist immediate attention by tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobs or Machinedrum.

With his follow up “Words”, FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peak into a mind-blowing version of a gloomy yet dystopian future. Great support from Spotify and Apple Music as well as renowned Magazines like DJ MAG & Sound of Music made clear that FVLCRVM is a name to look out for.

Oscillating between mainstream & underground, between Pop, UK Bass & Future Beats, FVLCRVM is one of the most promising artists to enter the music world in 2019.


Neo-classical / Electronic composer Marcus Elkjer releases debut EP.

Marcus Elkjer - Scenes

Single Release Date: 15/02/19

Label: The Bank Music

London based Marcus Elkjer is ready to share his first record as a solo artist.

Inspired by the cold and rough Scandinavian nature as well as the pulse of the city of London, ‘Scenes’ is a captivating debut EP with its moody and cinematic piano compositions, current electronic textures and hints of dark pop.

For the past few years, Marcus Elkjer has lurked in the shadows of other artists working as a songwriter, composer and arranger. He has co-written pop songs heavily in rotation on Danish radio, arranging choir for the critically acclaimed SAVEUS and composed music for TV and film, but his true passion has always been classical music, and now he finally releases his debut EP ‘Scenes’.

‘Scenes’ emphasizes the capabilities of the 28-year-old Danish native and his flair for classical composition and love for electronic music. The EP is build around piano compositions, but also explores electronic production. Marcus explains:

“Scenes” is a sonic journey into my subconscious. An accompaniment of the dreams I have. The songs encapsulate different scenes of a movie that has never been made but only exists in my mind. My hope is to make the listener connect with the sonic journey and possibly become part of it oneself.”


(Trap) IK-EY releases new single 'Konnakol'


Single Release Date: 25/01/19
Label: Dance Project
Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 13.58.06.png




Apple Music:



IK-EY is a dj and producer from Riga, Latvia. He started producing in 2015 and since then he has taken over the DJ and Production scene in the Baltics.

His music has been played all over the world at the biggest dance events, and featured in magazines and blogs like All Trap Music, Jadū Dala, Hybrid Trap, Crown Collective etc. He has also released on labels like Slap Society, Danceproject and Noesis X labels.

The name of Konnakol (and the leading vocal in the track) is taken from African tribal singing. The idea of the track was to mix african sounds (from which hip hop was born) with hip hop rhythm and a new age trap sound.

Flutebox X Maud’dib Wicked Labour * “Top 100 coolest things on the planet” – Arena Magazine / “Doing to the flute what Jimi Hendrix did to the guitar” – Huey Morgan

Top 100 coolest things on the planet – Arena Magazine

Doing to the flute what Jimi Hendrix did to the guitar” – Huey Morgan

Sheer musical genius – Mixmag

One of the hottest UK live acts” – Songlines Magazine

The best bloody thing I’ve seen in years” …”He is a musical pioneer with his trademark live Fluteboxing (beatboxing through the flute while playing it at the same time)” – Howard Marks


Flutebox X Maud’dib

Wicked Labour

ARTIST: Flutebox X Muad'dib / TITLE: Wicked Labour (Taken From The Forthcoming ‘Brutus Stone EP’)  / RELEASE: 04/02/2019

Single Listen:


Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee [Asian Dub Foundation, The Prodigy, Nitin, Sawhney, Plan B, Beardyman etc] and Ciarán ‘Muad'dib' O'Fathaigh [Mellissa Belle, Alexandra Burke, Aloe Blacc, Bashy, Speech Debelle etc] are set to release Wicked Labour on 04- 02 -19, the first track from their unique pan-genre EP project, BRUTUS STONE (Info Below) which features LA/London-based artist Brielle aka Aprilfoolchild and UK emcees and brothers Blackk Chronical and Phoenix Da Icefire


“So long as the Stone of Brutus is safe, so Long shall London flourish” [1]

Conceptually, the project is inspired by the legend of the Brutus Stone or London Stone which was purported to have been lain by Brutus of Troy as the foundation of the city of Trinovantum, “The New Troy In The West” – or as we know it – London.

This genre-defining collaboration with Muad'dib is legendary flautist Flutebox's first ever studio release, so he really wanted to make sure that the art was right. 'It's about identity.' he says 'More than anything else, I'm from London. This is where I can give directions. I'm not trying to beg some other identity, really.

And London means so much to mixed race people. That's the most honest thing about this. It's London as a 3rd - and perhaps predominant - identity'.

Over the years, writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare and Alexander Pope have been inspired to add their own elements to the legend of Brutus and the stone. Roy Stephenson, head of archaeological collections at the Museum of London describes the stone as "the Dead centre, the throbbing heart which everything around London revolves". It's an artefact that has survived the great fire, the blitz and has lived through the ever-changing face of the most amazing, diverse city in the world.

Wicked Labour starts of like a late 50s soul jazz record with long, thoughtful chords that quickly unfolds into banging 808s that frame unmistakably UK grime and hip hop flows. The record is journey of changing landscapes that opens up into an epic, orchestral, cinematic panorama for the ride-out, but it never loses a sense of continuity or direction - even though when you consider the music retrospectively, it perhaps should.

Overall, the Brutus Stone is an intriguingly unique project. It moves through soul, jazz, grime, hiphop and trap - an ode to one of the most aspired-to cities on the planet.

Flutebox and Muaddib have known each other for around a decade. After meeting in the summer of '09 as artists performing at Bestival, they have composed, played and toured together, sharing stages with Jamelia, The Fun Loving Criminals, Jamelia and José González to name a few and have become genuinely close friends. 'Flutebox was at my dad's 9 nights,' Muad’dib recalls, not looking up from his mobile. 'That shit means a lot where we're from’.




Flutebox socials:

Muad’dib socials:

Brutus Stone references

Hyde Park Brass Release The 'Powerhouse EP' *As Seen On BBC1 Sports Personality Of The Year / BBC1 Breakfast TV & Worldwide TV Shows *






Release Date: Available Now
Label: Roots


Track 1 - Overture
Track 2 - House Rules
Track 3 - Looking Glass
Track 4 - Get Up


Lolas Theme

Freed from desire

HPB Montage

BBC Sports

Social media links:

Snapchat: HydeParkBrass

Hyde Park Brass - Powerhouse EP.

After releasing their debut studio album in early 2018, Hyde Park Brass are back with another typically explosive record. Blending elements of their musical development with the experience of playing to thousands at festivals up and down the UK and beyond, the boys are charting a new course for the meaning of ‘brass band’.

Powerhouse presents a bold, fresh take on the sound and atmosphere that a brass ensemble can create. Showcasing the boys’ inimitable charisma and performance at every turn - this record announces Hyde Park Brass to the world as what they are: a true powerhouse.

New album from Hip Hop Artist Zuby - 'Perseverance, The Best Of Zuby'


Album Release Period: 1st Feb 19
Title: Perseverance
Artist: Zuby
Label: COM Entertainment
Catalog #: ZUBD182
UPC: 8718857410690
ISRC: GBQXT1800001

Perseverance – The Best Of Zuby

Zuby is an anomaly in hip-hop. He was born in England, grew up in Saudi Arabia (where he attended an American school) and is a graduate of Oxford University. Through years of hard work and dedication, he has become one of the UK’s most accomplished independent rappers, selling over 25,000 albums without a record deal.

His inspirational lyrics, intelligent wordplay and unique brand of 'Commercial Underground Hip-hop' have earned Zuby a loyal fan base. To date, he has amassed over 1 million YouTube views, 22,000 followers on Facebook, 15,000 on Twitter and 10,000 on Instagram.

Zuby has performed over 100 gigs in 8 different countries - including the UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Serbia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. He has opened for several well-known artists such as Tech N9ne, The Pharcyde, Akala and The Coup.

This year, he releasing his new album 'Perseverance - The Best of Zuby'. This follows his second successful crowdfunding campaign, where he raised over £15,000 in 30 days directly through his fans and supporters. Zuby is now the highest funded UK artist of his genre on Kickstarter.

Musical Influences: Jay Z, Nas, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9’’, Clipse, Gangstarr, LL Cool J, Kanye West

Notable Achievements:

25,000+ total albums sold independently - mainly direct-to-fan

1 million + Youtube views

50,000+ social media followers (Facebook: 22K, Twitter:14.5K, Instagram (11K), YouTube (6K)

Highest funded Hip-hop artist in the UK on Kickstarter with £24,000+ raised via two projects

£20,000+ merchandise sales in 2017

First independent UK artist to release own brand of headphones

First independent UK artist to run own pop up shops in major shopping centres

Reached #12 on the UK iTunes Hip-hop Album Chart with Zubstep EP in 2013

100+ gigs in 8 countries - UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Serbia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia

Opened for Tech N9ne, Akala, The Pharcyde, Bashy, The Coup

Festivals – Hip Hop Kemp, Bournemouth 7s Festival, Truck Festival, Basingstoke Live

UK Venues - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, O2 Academy Islington, O2 Academy Oxford, O2 Academy Bristol, O2 Academy Bournemouth, Jazz Café (London), Bodega (Nottingham), Sound Control (Manchester), Joiners (Southampton), Waterfront (Norwich)

International Venues - Chapeau Rouge (Prague, Czech Republic), Sound Club (Tallinn, Estonia), Vanemuine Concert Hall (Tartu, Estonia), Berks Nightclub (Aachen, Germany), Bikini (Berlin, Germany)

Radio play on: BBC Radio 6, BBC South, BBC Oxford, BBC Norfolk, BBC Essex, Spin Radio Prague

Track Listing:

1. Perseverance [Brand New Track]
2. Remember The Name [Brand New Track]
3. Goonie Flow [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
4. Getting Mine ft. Wanz [Brand New Track]
5. Now Or Never [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
6. Comin’ At Ya [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]
7. Lonely Highway ft. Chess Galea [Brand New Track]
8. Stay In My Lane (Remix) ft. Marka [[from 'Zubstep' – 2013]
9. Steppin’ 2 Me [re-recording / originally from 'Commercial Underground' - 2006]
10. Ill [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
11. 3:16 (Stone Cold) [Brand New Track]
12. Gettemmm! [from 'Zubstep' - 2013]
13. Go Hard Or Go Home [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]
14. 50K ft ShaoDow [Brand New Track]
15. Cryptocurrently [Brand New Track]
16. Too Many [from 'The Unknown Celebrity' - 2008]
17. Open Up The Sky [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
18. The Same Ones [from 'The Unknown Celebrity' - 2008]
19. Look At Me [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]

Video (Single):

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Julian Mika - 'Know To'

Know To - Julian Mika

Raised in North West London, Julian Mika is the light from the lamp post onto the dark streets of London bringing a new shine to this thriving UK scene.

From exciting melodies, honest lyrics and silky flows Julian encompasses all that you want from a Hip Hop artist in todays climate and all done with a coolness and ease that will keep you gripped to his every move as time unfolds.

Know To is the highly anticipated first solo release from North West London's own Julian Mika.

Julian, previously part of the group Grand Wa Zoo, had already made his mark performing infront of an audiance of 10,000 at MTA Festival, China, alongside Rudimental, Example and Alan Walker. He's also supported Mike Skinner in London and played many festivals including Boom Bap.