ED IS DEAD Releases Reworking Of His Classic Album


Your Last 48 hours Reworked, the full reinterpretation of Ed is Dead’s second album will be available in all digital platforms June 29.

#YL48H Reworked is the individual picture given by several different authors about the topic that gives name to this conceptual record. What would you do if you had only 48 hours left to live?

O mer, Piek, Skygaze, Dub Elements, North State, EdOne, Clara Brea, BSN posse, Vlack Motor and Ed is Dead himself have been the creators of a completely new album based on Ed is Dead #YL48H, deconstructing every track to generate a new musical speech.

Ed is Dead claims "The difficult part was to get rid of all the heritage and habit of creating the orginal track, and try to take the story to a completely different place, a delicate and emotional one. This album is basically about that, about introducing different musical points of view of the same story.”

#YL48H Reworked begins with “Rob a Bank”, from the hand of Ed is Dead. The very first seconds of the track provoke the expectation to which we are used to coming from him, achieved by sounds able to sink anyone’s heart, only to then resolve into a fantastic and way more intimate and intense reinterpretation, where the sounds shape an immersive atmosphere.

Skygaze is the musical project of Jaime Tellado, responsable for the remake of “Kidnap a Politician”. This is maybe one of the most contrasting versions of the album. Unclassifiable, with a flawless production saddled between IDM and breaks, a bass line dominating the whole track and one of the most organic drum grooves of the record. An extraordinay twist for a instrumental track full of message.

On the original “Have a Fight” theme, Ed is Dead counted on the presence and voice of Laia Vehí, member of North State band together with her brother Pau Vehí. She has also performed as a singer in this reinterpretation. Between the two they get this “fight” to stand amid future garage and present electronic pop.

Piek, winner of the best national electronic music album of 2017 by Dj Mag, has been the one in charge of providing a cinematic atmosphere to “Make Someone Happy”, transforming it into a delicate track with an epic finale.

The version of “Spend Sometime With You” has come from the hand of Clara Brea, who has contributed with her personal sound towards giving the song an ambient and experimental touch, making it even more special if possible.

O mer is one of the highlights of the album. The Tel Aviv producer settled in Brooklyn has become one of the most promising artists of the international electronic music scene. In his particular vision of “Get Drunk”, he transforms the track into a journey where the voice of Nikki García leads a constant in crescendo and where O mer exhibits his outstanding musical production ways. A true gem of the album!

The new version of “Heroin”, aimed at the techno dance floor, comes from the hand of EdOne. Music enthusiast from an early age, he counts on the support of artists of the size of Maceo Plex, John Digweed, Dixon, Luca Bacchetti or Nicole Moudaber, among others.

Vlack Motor gives the Glitch Hop touch to this new version of “Jump Out of An Airplane”. A new aka for the Madrid based producer and old acquaintance of Ed is Dead, with whom he shared training in the first years of Baselab, and who later led the DREMEN production.

BSN Posse is the result of the union of Sergio Ruiz (Stay Puft) and Enrique Gervilla (Broken Lip), members of the drum’n’bass Memory Call colective. This duo mix in their music styles like hip hop, soul and funk, and they express it through footwork. They have been the authors of the new version of “Drive Fast”, where they take the strong african rhythm original nature to the next level, taking over the track and transforming it into a demonstration of power from the creators of Iberian Juke.

The Sevillian duo Dub Elements have given a twist to the las track of #YL48H, “Family Dance”, contributing with their authentic Drum n Bass sound, and combining amazing bass lines with compulsive and addictive beats. A totally UK flavor to complete an album that, as the original, intends to be an example of the current electronic music trends.

From its launch in November 2017, #YL48H has exceeded 1.5 million plays on Spotify, it has been listed as the best national electronic music album of 2017 by MondoSonoro, it has entered the Top10 of best electronic music albums by Dj Mag and it has won the MIN Prize to the Best Electronic Music Recording; therefore, we have absolutely no doubt that this reinterpretation will give a lot to talk about in the coming months.

1- Rob a Bank feat. Alice Wonder (Ed is Dead Rework)
2- Kidnap a Politician (Skygaze Rework)
3- Have a Fight  (North State Rework)
4- Make Someone Happy feat. Mani Obeya (Piek Rework)
5- Spend Sometime With You feat. Lucia Scansetti (Clara Brea Rework)
6- Get Drunk feat. Nikki Garcia (O mer Rework)
7- Heroin (EdOne Rework)
8- Jump Out Of An Airplane (Vlack Motor Rework)
9- Drive Fast (BSN Posse Rework)
10- Family Dance feat. Odille Lima (Dub Elements Rework)

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