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“the Kenyan producer occupies his own switchbacking lane” [Pitchfork]

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Artist: Slikback

Title: Quoios/Klout

Label: Byrd Out

Catalogue No.: BYR032

Format: 12” (Edition of 300) and Digital

Territory: Worldwide

Release date: 12 May (Quoios); 4 June (full release)

Genres: Techno; Trap; Industrial




New tracks of forward thinking club music from Kenyan producer Slikback, continuing in rule shredding, genre melding form.

Two new enigmatic originals, and two remixes - one from Sarmacja, natives of his current home, Poland, who give Quoios a dub workout, the other from Bristolian producer Sunun, spinning out Klout in a less pressured environment.

On the A side, Quoios charts a looming, atmospheric build-up gives way to driving, chain saw wielding industrial beats layered with vocals and samples. Klout meshes dark tones and complex rhythms, with a very slight nod to acid on the sounds. Both tracks are warehouse-ready dancefloor weapons.

On the B side, Sarmacja’s dub pulses from the off, introducing a strand of keening vocals and cosmic flushes. Sunun’s remix offers a slower, exploratory and haunting re-imagining of Klout.

12 May - Quoios (digital release)

4 June - full release, 12" and digital

A1: Quoios (03:38)

A2: Klout (03:14)

B1: Quoios (Sarmacja Dub) (02:16)

B2: Klout (Sunun Remix) (03:32)

Astronaut Release New Single 'Amazing'

Astronaut - ‘Amazing'



Astronaut releases new single “Amazing”


The danish based band “Astronaut” follows up on their debut album with

new single “Amazing”, recorded in collaboration with star-producer Claudius Mittendorfer (Arctic Monkeys, Temples, Johnny Marr).


In April 2019 the band released their debut album “Silence One”. After a series of good reviews and five-starred live shows in their native country, Astronaut now looks further ahead with their new single and experiments with oriental-sounding synths and drum machines.

Martin Zeppelin, lead singer:

While mixing “Silence One” in London, I remember playing a new song on the piano. Claudius (Mittendorfer)

 asked me, why it wasn’t on the album. At that time it wasn’t finished, the lyrics just weren’t there yet.

 “It’s amazing” he said, and that line kind of stuck with me.

Later on, the song got a more serious twist, when I realized the lyrics were about an old friend, who left without

saying goodbye. We felt that the song was different from the ones on “Silence One”, but once it was finished, we knew, 

that this would be our next release.“


Live session from British Grove

The band is also releasing a live session this november, recorded in the legendary London-based studio “British Grove”.


Rio Bravo, guitar:

"It was just such an incredible opportunity to work with these talented people in British Grove. We were told, that The Rolling Stones recoreded there 14  hours before we got there and we really got the feeling that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. We did two songs from “Silence One” and one new song and we’re so pleased with the result and thankful for working with such talented people."





THE M.O.A. - Marbles * "Abit Like The Streets Crossed With Elbow"

THE M.O.A. - Marbles



“Marbles” is the striking second single from Melbourne via Birmingham indie outfit The M.O.A to be released on October 25th, 2019.

After a flurry of activity releasing their debut single “Mind At Large” in August including a cracking live performance on Melbourne’s 3RRR and a surprise spot at Big Sound that definitely raised eyebrows, the band are now gearing up to deliver the next salvo from their impressive stockpile of material. A melancholic indie anthem, “Marbles” tugs directly at the listener’s heart strings and draws a lump in the throat as waves of looped guitar flood the periphery while a driving bass signature and sharp and evocative lyrical themes push the song on, marching defiantly toward a land of revelation.

As the band’s deep feeling lyricist and frontman Daz Houghton describes, “Marbles is a reflection on adolescence and the years that follow as you get older. The way that things you see and do young can repeat and manifest throughout life. From taking acid in classrooms to witnessing and experiencing brutal violence. The valleys and peaks of navigating life in an environment where most people around you seem downtrodden and hopeless.”

The song also speak loudly of Daz’s experiences in his chosen profession as a construction worker, and the challenges that can throw up for a creative soul who aches to pursue song writing instead of obliterating Friday night knock offs with the lads. He expands, “trying to fit into work environments such as factory’s and construction where the climate is generally treacherous. A nod to the importance of friendship throughout testing times and how good stuff can still come out of the bad.”

The accompanying video features Daz slowly making his way to a pier pushing a wheelbarrow with a younger version of himself in tow. As the band’s producer and guitarist AJB explains, “The very initial idea to kill Daz came from a while ago when he said that work was killing him. Having a child represent Daz as a boy...and the lost innocence that's inevitable. Also, the journey of Daz taking himself to be killed speaks about how it's not just the path that's laid out for you but through the choices you make, that you are ultimately a willing participant in your own demise.”

After a chance encounter over a casual studio jam where white hot creative sparks flew and a strong bond was formed, The M.O.A. have been dealing with the tyranny of distance while Daz is living in Birmingham and the rest of the band are in Melbourne working toward a debut album. Gradually showing their hand via these first two singles, which prompted streetpress outlet The Music to offer that the band “have already honed in a distinct and exciting sound,” all signs point to the fact that The M.O.A. are gearing to deliver an assured and exciting long-playing debut.

Ripperton Has Remixed Radiohead, Beanfield and Joris Voorn, Here He Re-Works Newcomer Ly sander

LY SANDER – ‘LAY DOWN’ feat. Jules Etienne



When Jules Etienne provided these dazzling vocals, Ly Sander knew they deserved the song to be built around them. The poetry and dreamy emotions of the lyrics fully embrace us with this slow tempo in-cantation. Ripperton brought his own magic by bringing the track back up to club speed.

“I had invited Berlin based Jules Etienne to record some lyrics to a preexisting uptempo instrumental” explains Ly Sander. “When I witnessed their deep and intricated poetry, I decided to build a whole song from scratch.

The result is Lay Down, Ly Sander’s first track not to bear any link with his previous efforts that focused on danceable music. It’s ultra low tempo is somewhat intriguing. 

“I clearly had my album in mind upon producing this track. A track that you will enjoy at home rather than in the club” says Ly Sander who’s album «Landing» is to be released next year on Special place recordings.


Ripperton is certainly one of the most thought after electronic music remixers, with over a hundred reworks to his credit for artists such as Radiohead, Laurent Garnier or Beanfield. When Ripperton heard Jules Etienne’s impeccable vocals, not only did he accept this remix duty but took over his holiday time to do so. «It is so rare to get to work on vocals where everything falls right into place» says Ripperton. «I really took time to take this track where I wanted it to be». Ripperton also chose to match the vocals to an instrumental at the original speed of 120bpm, making it fit for the dancefloor where it could well become a new favorite.

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Ly Sander was highly inspired by the roots of Dance music, the melting pot of music influences and most specifically the Loft’s founder David Mancuso’s philosophy of building a travel through music. Another source of influence is the genius of leftfield dance music artist Arthur Russell, probably one of the only musicians to have pushed the use of Cello into dance music. As a producer, Ly Sander released tracks on labels such as Drumpoet Community, Electric Minds, Deeply Rooted House, Enterbt Rec, Konsequenz, Mental Groove, Raoul or Creaked. But before being a producer, Ly Sander is a natural DJ who started playing over 20 years ago out of his passion for party music, along a timeline spanning from today to the beginning of the 70s, including so called Disco, Deep and Underground House. He brought his energic and bouncy vibe to numerous venues in Europe and NY, including the Panorama Bar and Tape Club in Berlin, legendary Dachkantine and Zukunft in Zurich, the Ambassade in Lyon, Electro Mecanic in Beirut, D! Club, Loft and Folklor in Lausanne, XL in New York and many many more. He shared the decks on countless occasions with famous DJs such as Alex From Tokyo, Dixon, DJ Deep, Efdemin, Manoo, Maurice Fulton, Move D, Orpheu The Wizard, Quarion, Till von Sein…

Also a renowned master at playing classics, Ly Sander held the successful New York Disco Club (NYDC) party in Geneva from 2002 to 2010. Much before the surge in interest for Disco, he there revived the roots of NY’s dance culture and saw all of the founding legends such as Danny Krivit (Body’n’Soul), David DePino (Paradise Garage), Hippie Torrales (Zanzibar) or Nicky Siano (The Gallery, Studio 54) come over and share the decks with him.


Berlin based Jules Etienne has been much heard of recently with his string of electronic music releases on labels such as Uncanny Valley, Funnuvojere or Apersonal. Nevertheless, he started his career as a singer where his soft and delicate voice would enrobe some folk compositions of his own, namely on a couple of albums he released, often backed by his own acoustic guitar.



Of course, the easiest way to introduce Ripperton would be to mention a music career that spans over two decades and a body of work that includes three highly praised albums on Green and ESP institute, essential collaborations with fellow countrymen Mirko Loko (as Lazy Fat People) and Deetron (as Roots Panorama) as well as stellar remixes for Laurent Garnier, Radiohead, Beanfield or Joris Voorn. We could also point out that his music has been released on labels as prestigious as Planet E, Border Community, STHLM audio, Innervisions, Maeve, Systematic, Connaisseur or the infamous Music Man. Not to mention that his own label Perspectiv published 50 releases which were at the forefront of electronic dance music back then…

But no, we won’t mention all that. Let’s keep it modest and focused on the here and now. For example, you should know that despite releasing an ambient album (and working on a promising live set that prolongs it), Ripperton doesn’t want to stop making House and Techno… no, that would be too easy! So instead he keeps forging an exciting musical path by releasing his own tracks and those of other luminaries such as Isolée, Bicep, Iron Curtis, Quarion or Baikal on his excellent Tamed musiq imprint (distributed by dutch institution Clone) and by working on a modular-based live set.



Special Place Recordings

Ly Sander


Jules Etienne




An Orange Conspiracy’s new EP ‘Leave Behind The Material’ was written and recorded in the North of Mallorca, a lagoon cabin hidden in the tall grass using analog equipment and solar energy.

Created from deep jams through the night under starry skies, the music shifts between ambient passages of synth and fuzzed-out guitar solos, laid back grooves and dream-like states. The voice and lyrics on the record touch upon themes of paranoia, spirituality, love and hope.

However try not to get too hung up on the details. Instead, turn on, tune in and see how it makes you feel.


‘Who can leap the world’s ties and sit with me among white clouds’ (Jack Kerouac)



An Orange Conspiracy are a band of three brothers (Ricki Galea / Leo Galea / Casey Galea) originally from Scotland but who grew up in the small town of Pollensa in the North of Mallorca. After years of playing together they decided to form 'An Orange Conspiracy' in 2016 while they were all living in Perth.

They recently reconnected with long time friend and mentor (Nacho Garrido) who gave they guitar lessons from a young age and has now joined the band full time. Nacho owns a studio in the north of Mallorca and this is where they write, record and produce their music. It is here that they have been locked away honing their sound over the last few years.

The band like to call their music psychedelic as it covers a wide spectrum of influences including 60's and 70's psychedelic rock, space rock, shoe-gaze, prog-rock, and blues.


MIEKO SHIMIZU releases new video 'BUTTERFLY' - Mieko Played Sonar & Meltdown Festival As A Guest Of Massive Attack, Remixed Coldcut And Yellow Magic Orchestra

LABEL: Street Furniture Records


Instagram: @miekoshimizumico
Twitter: @miekoshimizu1
Facebook: @micomusic


‘Butterfly’ is the 2nd single taken from the forthcoming album ‘I Bloom’

Mieko Shimizu is a prolific London based Japanese singer, song writer, composer and producer, with several diverse and accomplished albums already under her belt.

On new album ‘I Bloom’ she collaborates with William D Drake of The Cardiacs, and previously she worked with Mick Karn of the band Japan, Nitin Sawhney and the London Symphony Orchestra on Japanese silent film 'Yogoto no Yume', David Cunningham from The Flying Lizards, Robert Lippok of To Rococo Rot and she re-mixed the likes of Coldcut and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Haruomi Hosono of the cult electro-pop act signed her to his label 'Daisy World'. Word quickly spread of her incredible live shows bringing a steady stream of appearances as far a field as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Japan as well Sonar, alongside the mighty Kraftwerk and supporting Massive Attack at their Melt Down with Riz MC, AKA actor Riz Ahmed.

Mieko has also worked extensively with dance including scores for contemporary dance company Phoenix Dance Theatre, the Ballet ‘The Red Balloon’ at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Theatre and was also made an 'Emerging Artist in Residence’ at London's Southbank Centre where she collaborated with the London Philharmonic Orchestra on her own compositions. In her new live shows she will be combining both the ancient and modern with Kieko Kitamura on Koto, a type of Japanese harp, through FX pedals and herself on Moog synthesiser, keyboards and vocals creating a luscious, ethereal live show.

Mieko erupted onto the scene with the searing alter ego Apache 61, fusing layers of cross woven breaks battling shards of sub bass within stateless melodies drawn from the fringes of the avant-garde. Her last album, 'My Tentacles' released as ‘Mico' saw her return to a deeper more reflective state in the cavernous depth of sumptuous symphonic songs that oscillated with glitchy electronica.

Her new album ‘I Bloom' has taken 5 years to write and nearly didn’t happen when she was admitted to hospital for two life threatening operations and she nearly abandoned her plans to make it but when a junky was moved into the bed next to her and started to terrorise the ward only to be sent to sleep like a baby by an old Scottish lady singing traditional Irish Airs each night that she realised the power of music and resolved to finish her album. What resulted is I Bloom, a quite simply gorgeous record of mini masterpieces, interleaving haunting melodies; with songs that are both beautiful in their sincerity and tantalising in their simplicity. Her unerring elegance and undying passion takes you on a journey from hidden places across emotional landscapes to distant nebulae.

Prepare to experience an astonishing work.

Artist: Book Of Shame / Title: Damned “Channels the enigmatic and artistic natures of musicians like David Bowie and Talking Heads, and mixes it with an unapologetic fringe-punk sound reminiscent of The Velvet Underground.”

“Channels the enigmatic and artistic natures of musicians like David Bowie and Talking Heads, and mixes it with an unapologetic fringe-punk sound reminiscent of The Velvet Underground.” - STEREO STICKMAN 

"Book of Shame I have to say have produced an amazing new track!" - PHACE MAGAZINE

"spacey, untethered rock music with a defiant, ethereal aesthetic.” - ROCK THE PIGEON

"Book of Shame turn things up to eleven with their blistering second single, Killing Pickle” - THE PUNK SITE


Artist: Book Of Shame

Title: Damned

Label: Book Of Shame /

Format: Digital Single / Release Date: 31/03/19

GENRE: Indie/Post-Rock/Alt/Punk







Twitter  @BookofShame1 

Instagram   book_ofshame


Vocals Pete Boyd

Bass Guitar Gary Bridgewood

Guitars Pete Boyd

Drums Fergus Gerrand

Produced by Rico Conning

Book of Shame go gospel on their 3rd release Damned taken from their forthcoming album.

Damned is the feeling when you thought things couldn’t get worse.., then they do. It’s a bitter sweet message of hope for all those shafted by the twists and turns of fate…wandering ghosts in a graveyard of dreams.


"I wrote the words to this song after I lost several family members and friends over a two year period’ it was a difficult and painful time dealing with wave after wave of grief and the overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t go on. I found that writing, singing and creating music to be a great healer and it was really how I got in to creating music. -  Peter Boyd

This song celebrates the struggle of triumph over adversity, about going to hell and making it back with a few scars. Half way through recording, a Gospel choir kept springing to mind and as you can hear in the track that lent a transcendent quality to the message.

The Gospel choir are made up of a Shakespearean actor Joanna Foster, Mama Mia 2 singer/actor  Eve Polycarpou and Eurovision’s finest Stephen D Fletcher ex Bardo ‘one step further’.


Book of Shame is Pete Boyd Maclean (Award-winning video director and co-creator of New Orders ‘Blue Monday’ amongst others) and Gary Bridgewood (Multi-Instrumentalist who has toured the world with acts like The Real Tuesday Weld, Michelle Stodart (Magic Numbers) and the Paul Weller backed Troubadour Rose).  Their music has a shifting and unique sound - fusing rock, pop, indie, punk.  Think Wire, Bowie, Tindersticks, Talking Heads.

In 2019 The Book of Shame release their self-titled debut album, It was recorded at the Gun Factor and produced by Rico Conning (The Lines, Wire Depeche Mode, William Orbit), guests include Fergus Gerrand (Duran Duran, Sting, Madonna, The Spice Girls, Sting, Katie Melua), Claire Nicholson (Kula Shaker, The Alabama 3), BJ Cole (Brian Eno, KD Lang, Sting).

When Peter took an old violin to a local repair shop he didn’t expect his life to be changed forever. but that’s exactly what happened. The violin restorer was none other than Gary, multi-instrumentalist, inspirationalist and a rationalist with an iron fist. This chance encounter led to a collaboration that has resulted in an album, a band, a lifestyle and poverty for two men who should know better.

" src="cid:34B085B9-F008-465E-A7FE-6EAAC7A89A8D@home" alt="red.jpeg" apple-inline="yes" class="Apple-web-attachment Apple-edge-to-edge-visual-media" style="margin: 0px -3px; opacity: 1;">

When Pete Boyd took an old violin to a local repair shop he didn’t expect his life to be changed forever. but that’s exactly what happened. The violin restorer was none other than Gary Bridgewood Legendary multi instrumentalist , inspirationalist,  and a rationalist with an iron fist. This chance encounter led to a collaboration that has resulted in an album, a band, a lifestyle and poverty for two men who should know better.

 ‘One minute I was planning on learning the violin the next minute I’m in the studio recording an outpouring of emotions in the form of vocals and general guitar stram. Well it didn’t take minutes more like two years of cajoling and nurturing like a modern day My Fair Lady but with geezers.’ (Peter Boyd)

Peter remembered an old friend he knew when he was 17, and thought he’d send him a demo of a track. The old friend was Rico Conning legendary frontman of The Lines and producer/engineer/mixer of legendary 80’s artists like Adam Ant, Depeche Mode, Wire, Renegade Soundwave, Swans and Laibach.

‘Rico would perform his magic on a track and send it back to us, and it sounded like a proper song, so this inspired us to do more and then the tunes just kept flowing. We found that people in the music community really come together to help each other out and Gary pulled in his wife Jo who not only sings with an incredible range can also make a fantastic veggy curry and keep Gary in line with his beats. I never did learn the violin but I don’t regret walking into that shop.’ (Peter Boyd)

Peter and Gary thought it would be good to have a pedal steel guitar on a track and they went up to Leytonstone to se BJ Cole play with a friend of Gary’s. Gary asked if he would play on a song and to our surprise he said yes and came up with a beautiful and haunting piece for a song called ‘Drifting’.

‘Drifting was a song I wrote after a great friend of many years had a catastrophic brain haemorrhage, I visited him in hospital, he was in a coma and it was touch and go that he would come through. I went home and wrote the song that afternoon’

Peter has similar stories about all of the forthcoming material on the album, which has obviously been meticulously put together, and is close to both Peter and Gary’s hearts.

For example of the track ‘Let Me Go’ Peter says this:

“There was a point in my life several years after my older  brother suddenly and tragically died of a heart attack at 28. I had this dream that I drove up to prison gates in a limo, I was visiting  him there. I walked into what seemed like a locker room and he was sitting hunched over as if putting his shoes on, he turned to look at me and his face was grey and skin was drawn,  it was like looking at the living dead, he looked like he was trapped and couldn’t move on until I let him go. I realized from that dream that it was me in a prison of grief and I had to let him go in order to move on with my life."

Pete Boyd  is a Video artist and pioneer of the 80’s Scratch Video movement. As one half of  The Duvet Brothers creators of groundbreaking scratch videos for New Order’s Blue Monday and MAARS Pump up the Volume. They performed live video installations for Sigue Sigue Sputnik at The Albert Hall and for scenes in the The Hollywood movie Less Than Zero starring Robert Downey Jnr. The Duvet Bros hand held wobbly camera techniques and jump cut editing style influenced television adverts and cinema throughout the 90’s.

Gary Bridgewood (guitar, bass, keyboard, mandolin, violin, cello, backing vocals) Gary has been in and out of bands his whole life, starting with early looping experiments using a an old Grundig (this one has real meaning, Gary’s military dentist had exactly the same machine which he would play brass band military music on as he started his butchering) reel to reel recorder and a Team reel to reel. Playing in various bands in London as a student Gary was headhunted by 1000 Mexicans, they had had good success with an Indie no.1 album and wanted to cross over into pop, Gary toured and worked tirelessly to help move the Mexicans from Virgin to Island records only for their lead singer to pull out on the day of signing! One of Gary’s many passions is Klezmer and East European music, he plays fiddle in Beskydy, who have toured Europe, played at Womad and London’s famous Purcell Rooms amongst others. He has toured globally with The Real Tuesday Weld, Michelle Stodart (Magic Numbers) and was a founding member of Troubadour Rose, a trio formed in 2009. Paul Weller offered his studio, The Black Barn, for Troubadour Rose to record their album in as he liked them so much.

New Video (Electronica) : Artist: D.In.Ge.Cc.O. / Title: Birthday will exist 4 ever

Birthday will exist 4 ever

GENRE: Electronica

LABEL: imusician_digital

RELEASE DATE: 20/05/19 (Album)










'Birthday will exist 4 ever’ is the first track from the forthcoming album ‘G’ by , released 20th May 2019.

G represents a return to the future through the present and the past of electronic music, of a genre that sees in house and techno its primary anchor but that ranges through the atmospheres of the 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

G is a work full of surprises. Experiments, revisitations, contaminations, citations and futuristic, vintage, solemn and easy-going atmospheres. Electronic music is a pretext to explore endless creative possibilities and give us an expressive universe capable of evoking a fascinating and complex world where emotions transport us out of time and space while remaining anchored to our world, to our habits and to the life of everyday. Interstellar journeys and synthetic atmospheres blend with very earthy situations, with noises and sounds of everyday life in the Western world, modern sounds and of other times,  mixing the beat of house and techno music with chamber music or with the familiar sounds and voices of a birthday party or the voices of  kids or the sounds of a station and a departing train. We speak English Polish, German, Japanese in a futuristic melting pop where the word is thin but rich in meaning, a world that nevertheless remains suspended in a timeless but at the same time very contemporary dimension. We speak precisely (we do not sing) about love, philosophy, departures and returns, the cosmos and nature, aesthetics and changes and the power of dreams.

G is a complex album, sometimes difficult to listen to in the rhythms and arid and synthetic sounds that often distinguish it, but it is also a joyful and piano record of poignant hope in the melodies and dreamy harmonies that characterize almost all the songs. A truly fascinating mixture that marks an impetus towards the future of electronic music, but with great anchorage to a recent past that has seen too quickly the advent of genres and classifications.

Monelise - Wild Roses

The single ‘Wild Roses’ is the first release from Monelise’s ‘Hauntology’ Album. Directed by Jake Hargreaves, the video is shot amoungst the gothic scenery of Glen Coe, Scotland. Drifting between analogue imagery and cinematic landscapes, the song is reminicent of the work of The National and Portishead. Having lived in Scotland for half a decade, Monelise quotes poet Robin Robertson with the video’s opening quote.

Monelise has upcoming dates in: Padova 24th March Vienna - 7th April Debrecen - 10th April

Monelise is an artist in whose haunting compositions moving poetic lyrics are situated in lush cinematic soundscapes. Her music blurs the boundaries between acoustic and electronic instrumentation; hauntological longing and euphoria. With songs that are often described as sounding like 'A Kate Bush soundtrack to a David Lynch film', she makes the sublime and the uncanny collide in a startling way.

I’m excited to release “Wild Roses” as the first single from my upcoming debut album, “Hauntology”, the material for which was conceived during my Masters year at Goldsmiths. The musical palette blends past and present inspirations, including Kate Bush and classic trip hop; whereas the lyrics are inspired by a Scottish poetry anthology exploring the visceral and gothic features of nature. The song is an invitation to come face to face with the different components that make up the tapestry of you as a person and artist. The video, accordingly, depicts me “finding myself” somewhere between the ghosts of the past and a glimmering vision of a future yet to unfold.

FVLCRVM Releases New Track 'LOOSE' (Universal Music)


INFO:FVLCRVM’s “Hi!” to the world as an extraordinary songwriter & vocalist came as a little surprise to everyone who was solely familiar with his work as a producer & DJ. Picked by Spotify as number 1 for their renowned “Fresh Finds” Playlist, his first release ’Notch' went viral and was soon featured by BBC Radio 6. This gained the Bratislava based artist immediate attention by tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobs or Machinedrum.

With his follow up “Words”, FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peak into a mind-blowing version of a gloomy yet dystopian future. Great support from Spotify and Apple Music as well as renowned Magazines like DJ MAG & Sound of Music made clear that FVLCRVM is a name to look out for.

Oscillating between mainstream & underground, between Pop, UK Bass & Future Beats, FVLCRVM is one of the most promising artists to enter the music world in 2019.