Words Become Useless’ marks the third single from LUI HILL, the neo-soul artist due to release his debut album end of summer 2018.

“We say goodbye and leave each other hungry
…Always a lot less than enough
A brief touch and again you’re off
Oh yes Poseidon must have mercy for us
After days out on the open sea
You still find your way back to me”

With piano, bass and drums all played by LUI HILL, he describes the process of, “allowing the simplicity of the lyrics to guide through the song, while at the same time, imagining playing in a sort of futuristic jazz-trio. I love riffs and I think this may be the most fun I’ve had writing a piano-riff so far.”

The accompanying visuals mark the fourth chapter in an eerie spin-off of a classic fairytale. The video starts with a reflection view of LUI HILL in the glass of an otherwise empty loft in downtown LA. The buildings and lights of the night city shine through. He can easily see out, but appears somehow entrapped as he eagerly beats on his drums with an unabashed determination. The video unfolds as the interaction between the other two ominous characters is highlighted and reaches a plateau of tension, hinting at an inevitable unfortunate ending to come. With helicopter lights lurking above, and a moment of flames reflected in the female character’s eyes, it’s left still unclear who is the real victim in this triad.

This palpable tension reflects Hill’s original motivation writing this song. “I wrote this about a long-distance relationship, and how one falls in love in part purely with the feeling of longing for another person. On one hand, you hang on tightly because in that moment it feels like all you have. And on the other, somehow you know you’re pursuing something that will end in disaster.”

This single highlights LUI’s genre blending style, which has earned him a mention as one of Lemonade Magazine’s Breakout Artists for 2018 <> . His first single “5000 Miles” was featured in multiple Spotify playlists such as Young & FreeViral HitsUSA Top 50, and New Music Friday.


(Nu-Soul) Lui Hill drops his stunning new video.



"Included in new music Friday" - Spotify
"Like Frank Ocean by way of Marvin Gaye..." - Blackbook Media US
"Reminiscent of genre classics, but with an undeniable modernity“ - Music Crowns UK
"LUI HILL is your new obsession“ - Purple Sneakers Australia„
"LUI HILL- The God of neo-soul“- How Deep is Your Love Germany 


5000 MILES

Release: 17 / 11 / 17

LUI HILL is a connecting force. Banging on his drums in a rhythm reminiscent of a determined heart, his vocals take you somewhere along a soulful journey, miles and miles away from where you started. And yet it’s a journey eerily familiar.
Between the worlds of indie, pop and soul to hip hop; LUI HILL creates a space where limitations dissipate. What’s left is music one sinks into totally, while the imagination takes off into a dream like state. The self-produced artist spends much of his time in his secretly located studio, where shadows and light show themselves in the music created. The sexiness of hip hop for indie, and dark electro beats for otherwise light indie-pop all merge and create the universe that is LUI HILL.

5000 Miles is a smooth blend of laid back indie pop with a strong essence of soul- Reminiscent of genre classics, but with an undeniable modernity. Chanting voices hint at ancient laws- requesting their desires with a desperate but hopeful longing. LUI’s voice takes you through a phase one seeks escapism, and finally closure from and leaves his listeners with the distinct feeling that it’s ultimately found in a place far, far away.