Slikback To Release New EP In June - Support From Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, Mixmag and many more...

"a rare talent” [Resident Advisor] 

“a rising underground star” [Crack Magazine] 

“the Kenyan producer occupies his own switchbacking lane” [Pitchfork]

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Artist: Slikback

Title: Quoios/Klout

Label: Byrd Out

Catalogue No.: BYR032

Format: 12” (Edition of 300) and Digital

Territory: Worldwide

Release date: 12 May (Quoios); 4 June (full release)

Genres: Techno; Trap; Industrial




New tracks of forward thinking club music from Kenyan producer Slikback, continuing in rule shredding, genre melding form.

Two new enigmatic originals, and two remixes - one from Sarmacja, natives of his current home, Poland, who give Quoios a dub workout, the other from Bristolian producer Sunun, spinning out Klout in a less pressured environment.

On the A side, Quoios charts a looming, atmospheric build-up gives way to driving, chain saw wielding industrial beats layered with vocals and samples. Klout meshes dark tones and complex rhythms, with a very slight nod to acid on the sounds. Both tracks are warehouse-ready dancefloor weapons.

On the B side, Sarmacja’s dub pulses from the off, introducing a strand of keening vocals and cosmic flushes. Sunun’s remix offers a slower, exploratory and haunting re-imagining of Klout.

12 May - Quoios (digital release)

4 June - full release, 12" and digital

A1: Quoios (03:38)

A2: Klout (03:14)

B1: Quoios (Sarmacja Dub) (02:16)

B2: Klout (Sunun Remix) (03:32)

Drum & Bass Pioneers LOXY & INK Release Awesome Old Skool Hip Hop On R&S Records.



 IMPACT DATE (SINGLE): 21 / 05 / 2021 /// IMPACT DATE E.P. 05/08/2021 /// LABEL: R&S /// CAT NO: RS2103S 
Authenticity & Consistency, two key words that immediately come to mind when we’re talking about Loxy and Ink.
As music and creative culture at large hurtles towards an abyss of ‘likes’ as currency and vacuous validity, the job of musicians who stand for authenticity and consistency has become ever more important and it is at this juncture where Loxy and Ink become indispensable.
Two titans in UK breakbeat culture, Loxy & Ink were both present at the inception at the birth of UK dance music culture and continue to be torchbearers. One glance at the CV of both artists will show you everything you need to know. They were both residents & recording artists at three incredibly important clubs & record labels: Metalheadz at Blue Note, Speed at Mars Bar and Renegade Hardware at The End. These three clubs and associated labels are important to mention as they innovated, pushed and later came to define drum & bass culture. Loxy and Ink were, in part, responsible for that.
It’s not an accident that Loxy and Ink were linked to these behemoths. Between the aforementioned camps and our protagonists, there was a mutual understanding for the need to push the envelope and there was a shared love of reinterpreting musical genres- a free form approach to music that changed the landscape of what is possible creatively, Loxy & Ink have always implicitly understood this way of thinking and have exercised this thought process to this day via their own record labels, Cylon (Loxy) and Architecture (Ink).
Throughout their careers, as collaborators and individuals, Loxy & Ink continued to make and play music that connected with them on a deeper level rather than just for the sake of functionality, they both saw success as rappers and individually played and made music that stretched from dub techno to hip hop to house.
The journey outlined above, the understanding of cultural innovation and the pledge to authenticity & consistency as mentioned leads us to the Manifested Visions EP on R&S Records. A five-track release that traverses genres with ease, a release that speaks to Loxy & Ink’s love for collaboration- we’re presented with multiple vocal contributions from Tha Lion, Jody Lulati, Miriam Safo and Loxy & Ink themselves. Finnish producer Resound continues his long-standing production partnership with Loxy on ‘Give Me a Dubplate’. Genre wise we’re given hip hop, dubwise roots reggae and drum & bass.
R&S continues to show that it’s a force to be reckoned with by releasing this EP, a project that crosses countries as well as genres, a project from Loxy and Ink that feels like it was always going to come to pass since the pair found common ground way back when.
After considering all of this, it comes as no surprise that the EP is titled ‘Manifested Visions.’

Zeb Samuels Releases New Single 'Breeze Blowing' with support from people like Gilles Peterson...

** Previous support for Zeb Samuels From - CLASH Magazine, Gilles Peterson, Magnetic Magazine, XLR8R, Electronic Groove, Decoded Magazine & Rural Sounds, 

Radio Airplay from BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gilles Peterson, Don Letts, Nemone & 5FM’s Kid Fonque. **




LABEL: Deep Heads 





Deep Heads are proud to present the new single ‘Breeze Blowing’ by Zeb Samuels.

The single is taken from Zeb’s forthcoming album ’Arrival’ that is planned for release in the early part of 2021.


You can hear the music has come a long way since the first instalments of sounds from Zeb on the imprint and hears a diverse pallet of sounds incorporated into this recording.

We hear Zeb’s vocals are more progressed, hearing the artist presenting more of a chorus driven piece of music, that breaths settled confidence within his voice.

‘Breeze Blowing’ delivers the energy of a winter’s day, yet captures a warmth, deep within the core of the artistry.

A beautiful piano hook is at the very heart of the song, with 2step beats lacing the track together.

We also hear the talents of Jed Bevington on Violin who contributes some mind-blowing layers.


Then on remix duties is the very talented Canadian born, Sunrain, that Zeb has been a fan of for quite some time.

A Pianist at heart with exceptional production techniques, the remix takes the recording into new dimensions.

It’s stripped back without the vocal but utilises the main piano hook to create an ambient soundscape that is nothing short of exceptional.

Definitely an artist to keep an ear on for the future.



Zeb Samuels:

Sun Rain:




Vagabond Spectre Release New Album 'Bipolar'

Vagabond Spectre Release New Album 'Bipolar'


Release Date: 28/05/20 / Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop
Produced/mixed: Joe Chiccarelli, mastered at The Lodge, N.Y. by Emily Lazar.Similar Acts: The National, Interpol, Wolf Parade, Beck, Mumford & Sons, The Strokes.




Vagabond Specter was founded in 2015 and consists of four members.

The band has previously released one LP in 2016 and one EP in 2017.

Have played over 100 gigs, including big festivals and opening act for Garbage.

It all started when in 2014 Pablo googled for a music producer to help him transform his music ideas into an album, and he found Yuriy. Their meeting quickly transformed into a fruitful friendship. Besides being an amazing sound engineer & producer, Yuriy made a huge input as a music co-author, he also played guitars and keyboards on the album, experimenting with tons of digital and analog synthesizes. In 2015 they finished their first full-length album, ‘Mirrors’, and later they found Alex and Egor, professional musicians, who felt in love with the album's sound and were happy to join the band. This is how the Vagabond Specter was born.

Since then the band has also released one more EP in 2017 and has played over 100 gigs, including big festivals and an opening act for the legendary Garbage band.

In the summer of 2018, the band engaged Joe Chiccarelli, a multiple Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer (White Stripes, Morrissey, The Strokes, Spoon, Shins among others) to co-produce and mix their second full-length album, named Bipolar. They locked themself in a picturesque studio La Fabrique, located in Provence, France. The fact that Radiohead, Foals, Morrissey also recorded in this studio inspired the band a lot and probably made some influence on the album's sound.

About the album:

In the summer of 2018 multiple Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Morrissey, The Strokes, Spoon, Shins among others, have produced and mixed a new, yet unreleased album by Vagabond Specter.

The album was recorded in a picturesque studio La Fabrique, located in Provence, France. This, Joe Chiccarelli’s expertise and the fact that Radiohead, Foals and Morrissey previously recorded in this studio probably also made its influence on the album’s sound.



Ripperton Has Remixed Radiohead, Beanfield and Joris Voorn, Here He Re-Works Newcomer Ly sander

LY SANDER – ‘LAY DOWN’ feat. Jules Etienne



When Jules Etienne provided these dazzling vocals, Ly Sander knew they deserved the song to be built around them. The poetry and dreamy emotions of the lyrics fully embrace us with this slow tempo in-cantation. Ripperton brought his own magic by bringing the track back up to club speed.

“I had invited Berlin based Jules Etienne to record some lyrics to a preexisting uptempo instrumental” explains Ly Sander. “When I witnessed their deep and intricated poetry, I decided to build a whole song from scratch.

The result is Lay Down, Ly Sander’s first track not to bear any link with his previous efforts that focused on danceable music. It’s ultra low tempo is somewhat intriguing. 

“I clearly had my album in mind upon producing this track. A track that you will enjoy at home rather than in the club” says Ly Sander who’s album «Landing» is to be released next year on Special place recordings.


Ripperton is certainly one of the most thought after electronic music remixers, with over a hundred reworks to his credit for artists such as Radiohead, Laurent Garnier or Beanfield. When Ripperton heard Jules Etienne’s impeccable vocals, not only did he accept this remix duty but took over his holiday time to do so. «It is so rare to get to work on vocals where everything falls right into place» says Ripperton. «I really took time to take this track where I wanted it to be». Ripperton also chose to match the vocals to an instrumental at the original speed of 120bpm, making it fit for the dancefloor where it could well become a new favorite.

” src=”cid:6E3EE737-9F16-4FA2-9C40-A8FE674409D8″ alt=”Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 15.35.00.png” type=”application/x-apple-msg-attachment” apple-inline=”yes” apple-width=”yes” apple-height=”yes” class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton Apple-edge-to-edge-visual-media” style=”margin: 0px -14.5px; opacity: 1;”>


Ly Sander was highly inspired by the roots of Dance music, the melting pot of music influences and most specifically the Loft’s founder David Mancuso’s philosophy of building a travel through music. Another source of influence is the genius of leftfield dance music artist Arthur Russell, probably one of the only musicians to have pushed the use of Cello into dance music. As a producer, Ly Sander released tracks on labels such as Drumpoet Community, Electric Minds, Deeply Rooted House, Enterbt Rec, Konsequenz, Mental Groove, Raoul or Creaked. But before being a producer, Ly Sander is a natural DJ who started playing over 20 years ago out of his passion for party music, along a timeline spanning from today to the beginning of the 70s, including so called Disco, Deep and Underground House. He brought his energic and bouncy vibe to numerous venues in Europe and NY, including the Panorama Bar and Tape Club in Berlin, legendary Dachkantine and Zukunft in Zurich, the Ambassade in Lyon, Electro Mecanic in Beirut, D! Club, Loft and Folklor in Lausanne, XL in New York and many many more. He shared the decks on countless occasions with famous DJs such as Alex From Tokyo, Dixon, DJ Deep, Efdemin, Manoo, Maurice Fulton, Move D, Orpheu The Wizard, Quarion, Till von Sein…

Also a renowned master at playing classics, Ly Sander held the successful New York Disco Club (NYDC) party in Geneva from 2002 to 2010. Much before the surge in interest for Disco, he there revived the roots of NY’s dance culture and saw all of the founding legends such as Danny Krivit (Body’n’Soul), David DePino (Paradise Garage), Hippie Torrales (Zanzibar) or Nicky Siano (The Gallery, Studio 54) come over and share the decks with him.


Berlin based Jules Etienne has been much heard of recently with his string of electronic music releases on labels such as Uncanny Valley, Funnuvojere or Apersonal. Nevertheless, he started his career as a singer where his soft and delicate voice would enrobe some folk compositions of his own, namely on a couple of albums he released, often backed by his own acoustic guitar.



Of course, the easiest way to introduce Ripperton would be to mention a music career that spans over two decades and a body of work that includes three highly praised albums on Green and ESP institute, essential collaborations with fellow countrymen Mirko Loko (as Lazy Fat People) and Deetron (as Roots Panorama) as well as stellar remixes for Laurent Garnier, Radiohead, Beanfield or Joris Voorn. We could also point out that his music has been released on labels as prestigious as Planet E, Border Community, STHLM audio, Innervisions, Maeve, Systematic, Connaisseur or the infamous Music Man. Not to mention that his own label Perspectiv published 50 releases which were at the forefront of electronic dance music back then…

But no, we won’t mention all that. Let’s keep it modest and focused on the here and now. For example, you should know that despite releasing an ambient album (and working on a promising live set that prolongs it), Ripperton doesn’t want to stop making House and Techno… no, that would be too easy! So instead he keeps forging an exciting musical path by releasing his own tracks and those of other luminaries such as Isolée, Bicep, Iron Curtis, Quarion or Baikal on his excellent Tamed musiq imprint (distributed by dutch institution Clone) and by working on a modular-based live set.



Special Place Recordings

Ly Sander


Jules Etienne


MIEKO SHIMIZU releases new video 'BUTTERFLY' - Mieko Played Sonar & Meltdown Festival As A Guest Of Massive Attack, Remixed Coldcut And Yellow Magic Orchestra

LABEL: Street Furniture Records


Instagram: @miekoshimizumico
Twitter: @miekoshimizu1
Facebook: @micomusic


‘Butterfly’ is the 2nd single taken from the forthcoming album ‘I Bloom’

Mieko Shimizu is a prolific London based Japanese singer, song writer, composer and producer, with several diverse and accomplished albums already under her belt.

On new album ‘I Bloom’ she collaborates with William D Drake of The Cardiacs, and previously she worked with Mick Karn of the band Japan, Nitin Sawhney and the London Symphony Orchestra on Japanese silent film 'Yogoto no Yume', David Cunningham from The Flying Lizards, Robert Lippok of To Rococo Rot and she re-mixed the likes of Coldcut and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Haruomi Hosono of the cult electro-pop act signed her to his label 'Daisy World'. Word quickly spread of her incredible live shows bringing a steady stream of appearances as far a field as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Japan as well Sonar, alongside the mighty Kraftwerk and supporting Massive Attack at their Melt Down with Riz MC, AKA actor Riz Ahmed.

Mieko has also worked extensively with dance including scores for contemporary dance company Phoenix Dance Theatre, the Ballet ‘The Red Balloon’ at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Theatre and was also made an 'Emerging Artist in Residence’ at London's Southbank Centre where she collaborated with the London Philharmonic Orchestra on her own compositions. In her new live shows she will be combining both the ancient and modern with Kieko Kitamura on Koto, a type of Japanese harp, through FX pedals and herself on Moog synthesiser, keyboards and vocals creating a luscious, ethereal live show.

Mieko erupted onto the scene with the searing alter ego Apache 61, fusing layers of cross woven breaks battling shards of sub bass within stateless melodies drawn from the fringes of the avant-garde. Her last album, 'My Tentacles' released as ‘Mico' saw her return to a deeper more reflective state in the cavernous depth of sumptuous symphonic songs that oscillated with glitchy electronica.

Her new album ‘I Bloom' has taken 5 years to write and nearly didn’t happen when she was admitted to hospital for two life threatening operations and she nearly abandoned her plans to make it but when a junky was moved into the bed next to her and started to terrorise the ward only to be sent to sleep like a baby by an old Scottish lady singing traditional Irish Airs each night that she realised the power of music and resolved to finish her album. What resulted is I Bloom, a quite simply gorgeous record of mini masterpieces, interleaving haunting melodies; with songs that are both beautiful in their sincerity and tantalising in their simplicity. Her unerring elegance and undying passion takes you on a journey from hidden places across emotional landscapes to distant nebulae.

Prepare to experience an astonishing work.

Flutebox X Maud’dib Wicked Labour * “Top 100 coolest things on the planet” – Arena Magazine / “Doing to the flute what Jimi Hendrix did to the guitar” – Huey Morgan

Top 100 coolest things on the planet – Arena Magazine

Doing to the flute what Jimi Hendrix did to the guitar” – Huey Morgan

Sheer musical genius – Mixmag

One of the hottest UK live acts” – Songlines Magazine

The best bloody thing I’ve seen in years” …”He is a musical pioneer with his trademark live Fluteboxing (beatboxing through the flute while playing it at the same time)” – Howard Marks


Flutebox X Maud’dib

Wicked Labour

ARTIST: Flutebox X Muad'dib / TITLE: Wicked Labour (Taken From The Forthcoming ‘Brutus Stone EP’)  / RELEASE: 04/02/2019

Single Listen:


Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee [Asian Dub Foundation, The Prodigy, Nitin, Sawhney, Plan B, Beardyman etc] and Ciarán ‘Muad'dib' O'Fathaigh [Mellissa Belle, Alexandra Burke, Aloe Blacc, Bashy, Speech Debelle etc] are set to release Wicked Labour on 04- 02 -19, the first track from their unique pan-genre EP project, BRUTUS STONE (Info Below) which features LA/London-based artist Brielle aka Aprilfoolchild and UK emcees and brothers Blackk Chronical and Phoenix Da Icefire


“So long as the Stone of Brutus is safe, so Long shall London flourish” [1]

Conceptually, the project is inspired by the legend of the Brutus Stone or London Stone which was purported to have been lain by Brutus of Troy as the foundation of the city of Trinovantum, “The New Troy In The West” – or as we know it – London.

This genre-defining collaboration with Muad'dib is legendary flautist Flutebox's first ever studio release, so he really wanted to make sure that the art was right. 'It's about identity.' he says 'More than anything else, I'm from London. This is where I can give directions. I'm not trying to beg some other identity, really.

And London means so much to mixed race people. That's the most honest thing about this. It's London as a 3rd - and perhaps predominant - identity'.

Over the years, writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare and Alexander Pope have been inspired to add their own elements to the legend of Brutus and the stone. Roy Stephenson, head of archaeological collections at the Museum of London describes the stone as "the Dead centre, the throbbing heart which everything around London revolves". It's an artefact that has survived the great fire, the blitz and has lived through the ever-changing face of the most amazing, diverse city in the world.

Wicked Labour starts of like a late 50s soul jazz record with long, thoughtful chords that quickly unfolds into banging 808s that frame unmistakably UK grime and hip hop flows. The record is journey of changing landscapes that opens up into an epic, orchestral, cinematic panorama for the ride-out, but it never loses a sense of continuity or direction - even though when you consider the music retrospectively, it perhaps should.

Overall, the Brutus Stone is an intriguingly unique project. It moves through soul, jazz, grime, hiphop and trap - an ode to one of the most aspired-to cities on the planet.

Flutebox and Muaddib have known each other for around a decade. After meeting in the summer of '09 as artists performing at Bestival, they have composed, played and toured together, sharing stages with Jamelia, The Fun Loving Criminals, Jamelia and José González to name a few and have become genuinely close friends. 'Flutebox was at my dad's 9 nights,' Muad’dib recalls, not looking up from his mobile. 'That shit means a lot where we're from’.




Flutebox socials:

Muad’dib socials:

Brutus Stone references

New album from Hip Hop Artist Zuby - 'Perseverance, The Best Of Zuby'


Album Release Period: 1st Feb 19
Title: Perseverance
Artist: Zuby
Label: COM Entertainment
Catalog #: ZUBD182
UPC: 8718857410690
ISRC: GBQXT1800001

Perseverance – The Best Of Zuby

Zuby is an anomaly in hip-hop. He was born in England, grew up in Saudi Arabia (where he attended an American school) and is a graduate of Oxford University. Through years of hard work and dedication, he has become one of the UK’s most accomplished independent rappers, selling over 25,000 albums without a record deal.

His inspirational lyrics, intelligent wordplay and unique brand of 'Commercial Underground Hip-hop' have earned Zuby a loyal fan base. To date, he has amassed over 1 million YouTube views, 22,000 followers on Facebook, 15,000 on Twitter and 10,000 on Instagram.

Zuby has performed over 100 gigs in 8 different countries - including the UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Serbia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. He has opened for several well-known artists such as Tech N9ne, The Pharcyde, Akala and The Coup.

This year, he releasing his new album 'Perseverance - The Best of Zuby'. This follows his second successful crowdfunding campaign, where he raised over £15,000 in 30 days directly through his fans and supporters. Zuby is now the highest funded UK artist of his genre on Kickstarter.

Musical Influences: Jay Z, Nas, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9’’, Clipse, Gangstarr, LL Cool J, Kanye West

Notable Achievements:

25,000+ total albums sold independently - mainly direct-to-fan

1 million + Youtube views

50,000+ social media followers (Facebook: 22K, Twitter:14.5K, Instagram (11K), YouTube (6K)

Highest funded Hip-hop artist in the UK on Kickstarter with £24,000+ raised via two projects

£20,000+ merchandise sales in 2017

First independent UK artist to release own brand of headphones

First independent UK artist to run own pop up shops in major shopping centres

Reached #12 on the UK iTunes Hip-hop Album Chart with Zubstep EP in 2013

100+ gigs in 8 countries - UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Serbia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia

Opened for Tech N9ne, Akala, The Pharcyde, Bashy, The Coup

Festivals – Hip Hop Kemp, Bournemouth 7s Festival, Truck Festival, Basingstoke Live

UK Venues - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, O2 Academy Islington, O2 Academy Oxford, O2 Academy Bristol, O2 Academy Bournemouth, Jazz Café (London), Bodega (Nottingham), Sound Control (Manchester), Joiners (Southampton), Waterfront (Norwich)

International Venues - Chapeau Rouge (Prague, Czech Republic), Sound Club (Tallinn, Estonia), Vanemuine Concert Hall (Tartu, Estonia), Berks Nightclub (Aachen, Germany), Bikini (Berlin, Germany)

Radio play on: BBC Radio 6, BBC South, BBC Oxford, BBC Norfolk, BBC Essex, Spin Radio Prague

Track Listing:

1. Perseverance [Brand New Track]
2. Remember The Name [Brand New Track]
3. Goonie Flow [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
4. Getting Mine ft. Wanz [Brand New Track]
5. Now Or Never [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
6. Comin’ At Ya [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]
7. Lonely Highway ft. Chess Galea [Brand New Track]
8. Stay In My Lane (Remix) ft. Marka [[from 'Zubstep' – 2013]
9. Steppin’ 2 Me [re-recording / originally from 'Commercial Underground' - 2006]
10. Ill [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
11. 3:16 (Stone Cold) [Brand New Track]
12. Gettemmm! [from 'Zubstep' - 2013]
13. Go Hard Or Go Home [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]
14. 50K ft ShaoDow [Brand New Track]
15. Cryptocurrently [Brand New Track]
16. Too Many [from 'The Unknown Celebrity' - 2008]
17. Open Up The Sky [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
18. The Same Ones [from 'The Unknown Celebrity' - 2008]
19. Look At Me [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]

Video (Single):

Order Links:



Apple Music:


Social Media:

► Website -

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"Ready to jet ahead" LINE OF BEST FIT
“ A masterpiece of fusion between Jazz, Electronica, Hip-Hop and Techno, yet, in itself, undefinable“ - INDIE PULSE
“The Video is awesome” - PLASTIC MAGAZINE
“Wow, So unique” - WORDPLAY MAGAZINE
“Really enjoyed this track” - SBTV



Fresh out of the South-West duo BAAST bring dark alternative pop, mesmeric synthesis and sound design intertwined with spoken word
and soulful vocals. Unafraid to tackle politicised themes of identity, their performance will captivate and challenge the way you’re told to
think. After a year of producing and writing together, they aim to bring a refreshing, brooding sound to the ears of listeners.
Formed by Beth Griffin (Grove) and Josh Petkovic’-Short (Diessa), the pair met in Cheltenham before developing their cohesive sound
through Studio 340, a creative community arts venue. Here, they began their out-of-the-ordinary journey.

Growing up in a limiting, restricted and conforming community, Beth was left feeling disconnected from her surroundings, while Josh
fell disillusioned with society. The years of inability to explore personal identity now fuels their ambition to craft songs that speak a
visceral truth about what it’s like to grow up with that disconnect. The importance of individuality is prominent throughout BAAST’s
performance, and their powerful tales charge through every second of each song.

The magnetising duo are highly anticipated within their local live scene, as both work on their solo projects. Josh releases left-field
electronic music under Diessa and runs label/art collective Gloam Recordings, working with the likes of Brian Eno endorsed artist R.ariel,
as well as Yuki Ame, LTO and Kayla Painter. Beth is also one of five within her hip-hop vocal collective group ‘5 Mics’ (Griz-O, JPDL).
As well as performing at Greenman Settlement Festival, Witcombe Cider Festival and Tadstock, she has supported the likes of Martha
Reeves & The Vandellas, The Hot 8 Brass Band and So Solid Crew.





ARTIST: TSHA / TITLE: Dawn E.P. / LABEL: Self Release / FORMAT: Digital / DISTRIBUTION: Awal



TSHA is a producer / DJ from London who began producing after seeing Bonobo live in Berlin. You can certainly hear the influences in her music but so much more. TSHA is an accomplished DJ / Producer, her productions sounding rich and intricate, and her DJ work taking her to Wembley Stadium, Reading & Leeds Festivals.


The Dawn E.P. is the first full release from TSHA, and its bursting with House tinged Electronica, World music influences, and well produced music with character and soul.

The Lead single ‘Badadaba’ has a wonderful restrained euphoria about it with rich organic sounds, tribal undertones and soulful vocals.

‘Can You Hear Me’ has feel good summer vibes, groove infused bass lines and warm synths

‘Move On’ Is afterparty listening with hazy melodies and angelic vocals.



Instagram- @tshamusic <>
Twitter- @tsha909 <>